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Our dedicated team bring a multitude of skills and experience to Affinity. Each of them is truly committed to improving the lives of care experienced young people.

A caricature of Charlotte


Charlotte Elliott is an Executive Educational Leader and Social Entrepreneur.

As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Affinity 2020 CIC, Charlotte has always been creative, using her skills from drama school to think outside the box to solve complex educational problems.

Sometimes this creativity sees her in the kitchen attempting fusion cooking. Her husband is not always impressed with the fusion mix!

After nearly spending a decade as an Executive Headteacher, Charlotte truly knows what drives sustainable change in society.

Charlotte was a foster sister growing up, and is passionate about equality of opportunity for care experienced young people.

a caricature of Barbara a staff member at Affinity


When she is not looking after and playing with her 2 dogs and 4 cats she is working hard in inclusive education as the school SENDCo Lead which enables young people to achieve their best outcome.

Barbara has had a varied career and has worked in Hospitality Management and training, Business to Business Sales and Finance sectors, which took her to the Far East as a Senior Investment consultant, before embarking on her career in education.

After working in education for 12 years, her passion for disadvantaged young people has led her to head up our primary and inclusion division of Affinity 2020CIC. Her personal experience of being disadvantaged enhances her empathy with the children that she works with.

a caricature of Caroline a staff member at Affinity


Lead Teacher

You can always find Caroline in her garden, planting her favourite flowers, or renovating her home with her two dogs. Caroline is a qualified design and technology teacher, with a flair for the arts. Caroline has an extensive teaching career at a senior level, with very impressive outcomes for disadvantaged young people. Caroline really enjoys sharing her design and technology skills with young people, from putting up a shelf’s to designing a gift for a special someone. Caroline is passionate about the future of caring for experienced young people, as many are living independently at very tender ages. Caroline prides herself in providing the very best holistic support, supporting the whole young person.

a caricature of Jonathan a staff member at Affinity


Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Tutor

I’m Jonathan, your friendly neighborhood post-16 tutor at Affinity 2020 CIC. While my weekdays are filled with the excitement of guiding the next generation through their academic journeys, my weekends take a thrilling turn as I dive headfirst into my passion for all things spooky.

From mysterious tales to haunted histories, I find joy in the spine-tingling narratives that send shivers down the bravest spines. As a post-16 tutor, I’m not just passionate about academics; I’m also dedicated to fostering a love for learning that transcends the ordinary.

Come the weekend, you’ll catch me on my own adventures, exploring the uncharted territories of the eerie and unknown. Whether it’s a spooky hike, a visit to a haunted locale, or simply losing myself in a good ghost story, I relish every moment that adds a touch of mystery to my life.


Musical Engagement

A professional musician and show pony. Manny specialises in musical engagement, to inspire, entertain and foster connections.

He uses an array of traditional instruments including Violin, Guitar, Piano and a new addition of Melodeon (Learnt during lockdown) and enjoys a group setting to involve as many as possible.

Manny brings his years of experience as a performer/session musicain and group leader in the musicalsetting.

He founded ‘Notes of Joy’, a music therapy service for children & adults of all ages and abilities including SEND and Dementia Care groups across South Yorkshire. His friendly caring manner and rapid rapport building support great interactions while leading Affinty Music Adventure Hours for care experienced young people.


0 to 5 leader​

An avid English clog dancer and Ballroom and Latin enthusiast, when Vikki is not tearing up the dance floor or creating new rhythmic dance routines, she can be found at the helm of the 0-5 branch of Affinity CIC.

With 16 years of experience teaching and leading in primary schools, most recently as a primary headteacher; Vikki brings her expertise from across the primary phases to fuel her passion for giving all children the best start in life.

Vikki’s determination to close the gaps met by care-experienced young people inspired her to start the training process to become a foster carer herself. She uses her love of teaching and interacting with younger children to create Affinity “pop-up” provision for 0-5s, whilst offering support, training and guidance to parents and carers, including those who are themselves care-experienced.

a caricature of Jackie a staff member at Affinity


Work and Enterprise Manager

When Jackie is not running around after her lovely grandchildren, she is dedicated to driving employer engagement in the educational sector. Jackie has an extensive career in the not-for-profit sectors, from working with people with disabilities, to co-creating The Work Wise Foundation. Jackie leads the Rotherham Pioneers group in Rotherham. Rotherham Pioneers is An influential network of leaders, businesses and communities advocating together, working together, trading together – instilling pride in our place, improving prosperity and opportunities for all.

a caricature of Leo a staff member at Affinity


Apprentice Office Manager

My world revolves around the sweet harmonies of music, the vibrant palette of fashion, and the enchanting allure of the performing arts.

In the heart of my office, you’ll often find me immersed in the rhythms of my favorite tunes, crafting a symphony of productivity. Beyond the professional realm, my faithful companion Koda, a furry friend with whom I share countless adventures, accompanies me on walks through new places, each step an exploration.

a caricature of Alia a staff member at Affinity


Apprentice Finance Assistant

I’m Alia, the Finance Assistant at Affinity 2020 CIC. While my days are filled with crunching numbers and navigating the world of invoices and payment runs in the finance office, my heart beats to the rhythm of a different passion—fashion.

In the realm of debits and credits, I find balance, but it’s the world of style that truly captivates me. Fashion, for me, is more than just clothing; it’s an art form, a language, and a canvas for self-expression. You’ll often find me seamlessly transitioning from spreadsheets to fashion magazines, as I navigate the intersection of structured financial data and the fluidity of style.


Teacher Assistant

Hey there, I’m Courtney! By day, I’m wrangling students as a dedicated teacher assistant, but by night, I’m getting lost in the wild world of reality TV. If I’m not engrossed in the latest drama on Love Island or catching up with the Teen Moms, you’ll probably find me in a TikTok rabbit hole.


When I’m off the clock, I’m all about cozying up with my little one for some serious soap opera time. Whether it’s Emmerdale, Coronation Street, or any other juicy soap, I’ve earned my title as the Soap Queen.


Weekends are a thrilling mix of mum duty and outdoor adventures, catching up with family and friends. I’m on a mission to become a full SEND teacher, with a little help from Affinity2020CIC. Stay tuned—just like my favorite shows, my story is only getting started!

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